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Candy Club subscription box

#1 Europe's sweet & candy subscription

We deliver to: Netherlands, Germany & Belgium candy subscription.

What is monthly candy box?

We offer our members month-to-month subscription box full with candies & sweets selected with a special care.

In every Box you will find all the possible sweets, chocolate, snacks, crisps, candies, sweets and cookie from all over the world. Are you ready to taste: "Gotiņa", "Птичье Молоко", "Suku Laku", "Tel Pişmaniye" or maybe "Beijinho"? If you have our subscription you will taste all this sweets.

Every month, our passionate team hand-picks the best, tastiest, unique snacks from all over the world. We will always try to do our best and deliver fresh and tasty sweet box every month right to your door.

Where are my candies comming from?

Your candies handpicked by our team every month. It means your international candy subscription box is going to be different every month.

We try to choose all our candies & sweets from the different parts of the world. We do not have main focus or preferences. Main goal for us is that you can find something new in the subscription box every month. New, novel, fresh, different or event experimental tastes that's what we try to get for you month to month.

We strongly believe that taste satisfaction can not be logicaly explained. And it is the most interesting part. candy subscription. candy subscription.

What is weight, volume, size of my candy box?

Till the latest moment we organize all the upcoming orders, so we never know what is going to be inside of the box. We can not say a fixed size, volume or weight of the candy subscription box. It varies from month to month.

One month monthly snack box, can be bigger in volume, but way lighter. Another month box can be really heavy, but small in volume.

We typically have one size box we deliver to your door every month. To better understand a content of box, just try it out now. Subscribe and get your first box delivered to you.